Terms of Use:

Giving My Graphics Away
You are not in any form allowed to give away my graphics on your site as your own.
If you do place my graphics on your site without proper permissions, legal steps will be taken.
If asked some MAY be made available for others to use.
There will be a limit placed on this and credit MUST be given.

Credit Link
A credit link must be used if you use any graphics from this site. I do have one available for you to use on the main page. Please use the link provided underneath it to link back. This simply shows respect for the person who has made the graphics and put all the hard work into displaying them for your use. If you do use the graphics and no credit link isn't on your site, you will be asked to take them down until you place a credit link on your site in which you got them from.

Linking To My Graphics
Please download them to your own hardrive or server. If you are caught linking to them you will be blocked from the site indefinitely.

Email Requests
You may email me any requests you may have, by using the link provided below. All emails will be answered as fast as possible. Please be patient. I will answer your emails in which I recieve them.
In the email please provide the following information: Image to be used, your site name and address, your name and your email address.

Thank you For taking time to read my Terms of use,

Tiffany :)