Why do you have so many Peer Points?
Why aren't my peer points going up right?
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Here is goes. You want lots of peer points. First don't use Kazaa for gaining points you get ripped. Kazaa is great to share and download lots of warez apps/games as well as feature divx movies. When you in the mood to do these things by all means use Kazaa (i do) but don't share any of your gold files on Kazaa or in the Kazaa shared folder. Remember when using Kazaa, share what you download. I currently have over 60gigs shared on Kazaa.

Keep close tabs on all your gold files, the only gold files that are counted towards credit with P2P/Altnet PPM are gold files downloaded after install of P2P and Altnet. Any files you had prior to this are just shareware on your computer taking up space.

Place all gold files (only gold files) in 'C:\Program Files\Altnet\My Altnet Shares' If the files are currently in your Kazaa folder that's ok, just move them (as long as you downloaded them after install of P2P and Altnet PPM). Only place gold files in your Altnet shared folder and never rename them.

Download more gold files to share. The best files to download are games. Use the 'my search' tool bar and type in 'game' then click files. Download the largest file size programs first. if you already have it it will finish instantly, you don't have to worry about duplicates. Altnet download manager is not as nice as Kazaa but it will save your files to the correct directory for PPM. If you close the download manager it will cancel your downloads.

Next download all the files listed in PPM under 'Redeem/download and redeem' section.

Do random word searches for keywords and download large files, files that download with high bandwidth connections are already being well provided, the best files to download are files that you get poor connections with or don't download from p2p and instead download direct from an Altnet server.

The setting you should set PPM to are no limit on upload bandwidth (if your ISP has limits I don't recommend surpassing them it can be quite costly) Run at startup, enable sharing, anytime. APPLY!

I remind you that whenever you run Kazaa your points will not calculate correctly, plus when your sharing your bandwidth with other applications, you can't possibly gain as many points sharing in PPM.

The following is edited excerpts from some of the discussions with Altnet customer service
Glen Stanaway (who was the only one there)

From IvIountainman: To: Altnet Customer Service

Suggestions and Solutions follow please forward to appropriate personal

Problem: Gold files downloaded from Sherman Network's Kazaa Media Desktop (Kazaa) after install of Joltid's P2P (P2P), Altnet's Peer Points Manager (PPM), Altnet's TopSearch (TopSearch), Altnet's Download Manger (DM), and My Way's My Search browser extension/tool bar (My Search) not being properly recognized by PPM.

Note: I have employed these tactics and managed to finally get PPM to recognize 100% of the gold files I have on my system, and to properly credit 20-35% of all uploads. This lull in calculations is due to the over crowding of the PPM authenticating service. and seems to effect everyone. I use Kazaa, My Search, and Altnet to download gold files still. One difference is I now use Kazaa as a means to problem solve my gold files since it will show the files and let me know if it is sharing them. I also keep NO gold files in the Kazaa shared folder. Just a bit more work for me, but worth it for the time being.

(update): Lull has finally been resolved by having PPM update at longer intervals



From IvIountainman: To: Altnet Customer Service


Hey Glen,


What are you the only guy to answer e-mails? Poor you! Na, I take that back. I wish I was in Brisbane, Australia.  Need any new employees? Will work for food and lodging.

I received 2 replies from you using the same identical cut and paste replies,  In the intern I managed to figure out Altnet’s glitches and work around it.



Reply: July 8th 2003 (last time we have spoke)

Might I add to this long story...ALTNET has yet to credit me (and I am sure anyone else) for any points missed.  Their systems are running much better but still not correctly.

That's about it
Good luck, hope to see you in the top 10
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