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ASCII Matrix Animation

This little Read-me is so you can view ASCII Matrix video short.   In best possible conditions

  1. Must have a Netscape or Internet Explorer 4 or better.  Suggest Internet Explorer 6.

  2. Video resolution set at 1024x768 or better (smaller will work, but you may have to scroll screen around)

  3. Font/Text size set at smallest for best clarity of this unreal video.

The Following credits have been copied from the original file.  IAmHome2.com takes no credit for any part of it creation, and only wishes to share the view with the public.

Too cool, Wish i did this!

this time: raw
Method-5 Code -:- Layers and CSS
Netscape 4.x -:- Explorer 4.x
javascript-code - cjr - colin
dhtml-mechanics - miK - mic
timing-controls - Meph - marc
Method-5 version 1.0a 14-04-1999
updated version 1.123 31-03-2001
Ascii-Artwork - Mic Barendsz